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Friday, March 31, 2017

Discovering The Azores Day 6: Trying Out The New Car, Tea Time, Porto Formoso, The Search For Pescadore, Time With Rimi and Joao!

The Day Begins
Morning came! It was cloudy and the rain did come earlier that night. One now knows why this island is so green. It rains at the drop of a hat but one can also count on the sun shining and it did.
As I awoke I was filled with apprehension as today was the day that the rental car came and as everyone knows my love of driving at any time is limited to the phrase "Why do I have to drive!?"
I have never been one who enjoys driving and the mere thought of trusting a machine ---even a phone----was in the negative quadrant.
Breakfast was enjoyable as I met with Darlene and Amit and enjoyed a discussion.
Shortly afterwards Joao came over to the suite and informed us that the car had arrived.
The sales person was there with the usual paperwork and I made sure we had over the necessary insurance--just in case!
I was taken to the vehicle and shown how to operate this machine. It was a bit different than I was used to but got the hang of it and then Joao reiterated the operation of the vehicle.
Within minutes we were on our own.
The Mazda eased itself ever so carefully down  toward the awaiting open gate. I made sure that the narrow borders of the concrete wall that bordered both sides of the street did not come anywhere near the vehicle. We were off!
The Willy Nelson song "On The Road Again"came to mind as I stepped up the speed and made my way to the first left hand turn of the day. We were on the highway!
Cha Gorreana
We stopped off at the Teas Factory and was treated so some special tea again as we did the day before  with Andy Tomlin. We stopped off at the Formoso Factory, a smaller operation but a nice one, the day before.
We tried some tea, bought some custard tarts and enjoyed. Then we decided to search for the Tomlin's place which we were to visit the next day.
We drove through Porto Formosa and came within striking distance of the home. We then back tracked and went home.
The rest of the time was spent exploring Rabo do Peixe along the water front and then we went home of the evening.
Later Rimi contacted us and we all got together for a nice glass of wine.
End to a good day----End of Day Six!