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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Discovering The Azores Day 4: Caldeira Velha en Ribeira Grande!

Another Sunny Morning
Another sunny morning and nothing was planned however I knew a visit to Rabo de Peixe was in order to get some more groceries but the Sun shines intermittently at times and even on super sunny days the clouds do move in quite quickly many times bringing rain, I thought ti best to take full advantage of the nice weather.
I contacted Rui Pavao who was the driver who picked us up at the airport and got him to drive us to Caldeira Velha which is a conservation area with springs heated by volcanic activity.
Caldeira Velha  
Located on the northern slope of  Fogo Mountain this conservation area comes complete with a wide assortment of native and and non native flora along with several species of fauna such as bats, frogs, song birds and  buzzards. The greenery is lush   
There is a warm waterfall which flows into a pool that is large enough to swim in. Just below is is a "pool" of bubbling water/mud to the tune of 100 degrees centigrade.
Just below is another pool which flows into a nearby creek. This pool is much warmer than the waterfall above (38 degrees centigrade) and allows people to wade in as the water streams by.
Next to the hot springs is a curio shop and change rooms.
The place is a veritable jungle of ferns, hanging plants, moss, lilies, trees and shrubs.
I had given Rui the word to come back in two hours. Rui was prompt as usual and got me back to the Minuvida! I came home and immediately had to run down to Rabo de Peixe to get some groceries. The trip down to the town was not a problem since it was downhill all the way.
I stopped off at the local grocery store which was closing for the day. I thought that that was quite curious since it was just going on six o' clock! I hurriedly picked up some buns and a bottle of local red and started my trek back to the Minuvida.
Now remember that I said the hill down was easy. However the walk back up the hill was so hard. Event though I work out I found that going up this hill was a challenge. Half a mile on a steep  hill truly worked my leg muscles and breath!
Soon however I was home and had a small meal.
Not too many things happened today and I decided to veg a bit!
End of Day Four