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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Discovering The Azores: Day 13: Last Day In Azores, Visit To The Garden, Lunch Good-Bye and THANKS!

Last Morning!
I awoke early that morning and organized my final packing. I knew that if I waited my final few hours would be filled with anxiety. I have a great need to be in control and to achieve it I need extra time to prepare. Thus it was five AM when I got up and by six am I was pretty much ready.
Breakfast was at 7:30 and it was the same excellent menu, I relaxed and let the food digest for about an hour and then took the packed bags downstairs to the front desk and asked for storage space. A room was provided and the rest of the morning was free until three o'clock when the vehicle came to pick us up.
Back to Jardim Antonio Borges
Needing a few more photos of the garden that was visited yesterday meant a return to the Jardim Antonio Borges. This time a closer look at the garden was in order and that is exactly what we did, I can't believe that so many huge trees could grow in one place the plane touched down in . I swear that some of the Eucalyptus trees were at least 100 feet high and they were made small by some of the other representatives.
Bella Italia Once Again 
 Pizza was the most likely candidate for convenience though I did try some of the Minestrone along with it.
Our tummies full and not wanting to do anymore walking we decided to go and wait for the pickup.
Good-Bye Azores!  
The time between our arrival at Joao Paulo 2 Airport was a blur and soon the Airbus 330 Flight 321 to Pearson was on its way! During the flight I watched a couple of movies before touchdown in Toronto.
We arrived at approximately eight o'clock.that evening and were home by ten PM.
Unpacked and went to bed!
End of Day 13! Trip End!