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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Discovering The Azores Day 12: New Day at Talisman, Feeling Good!, Walk with Minuvida, Dinner at Talisman and Final Night In Azores!

New Day Dawns!
I awoke to sunshine ---well at least the Sun was shedding its first rays upon the Talisman room! i awoke feeling so very refreshed and full of energy. Remember! I had just gone through several days in pain from a toothache and had the energy of a crushed dew worm all dried up in the  middle of the road. Today was different. I could hardly wait to get going. I felt so great! I figured that the heavy medication I was taking had "kicked in" and the infection was on its way out.
Breakfast was amazing since I had a great appetite and the food was so varied and so great. A number of eyes looked in surprised when they saw my plate full of bacon, eggs, scrambled eggs, cold cuts, grilled vegetables, cheese, sausages, buns and juice. I ate every single morsel!
Rimi and Joao were supposed to join us later on in the morning as they had some business to do Ponta Delgada. They showed up around ten thirty and we went for a walk to a quiet park.
Jardim Antonio Borges
Rimi and Joao  led us to a moderately large garden about a mile northwest of the Talisman. We entered into a veritable paradise and were greeted by a bust of the creator named Antonio Borges-----a pineapple grower who fancied himself a botanist.of sorts. The garden started out as a private one around the 1860's  and quickly grew to what is now a very complete and romantic public garden,
Borges imported plants from all over the world including a huge Indian Rubber Tree (Ficus Elastica)  that dwarfed the other plants and made me look microscopic when I stood beside it. Its large curving root structure was visible above ground giving it the architectural appearance of a Gothic buttress.
The park also included several good sized ponds complete with ducks and fish. Within the garden one can also refresh via a nice cafe where we had a nice coffee and drinks..
Walk About and Forte de Sao Bras de Ponta Delgada  
 All good things must come to an end and Rimi and Joao had to bid us their "adieu" as they had other business.  It was almost lunch time so we walked  around the centre of the city not far from the waterfront. We visited the 16th Century Forte de sao Bras de Ponta Delgada which was erected as a defense against pirate raids. It is now a naval base.
We spent a few minutes visiting some shops and purchasing some presents. Then it was back to the Italiano Restaurant for ----you guessed it! More pizza!
Baixa de Ponta Delgada (City Centre) and Portas da Cidade (City Gates)
The centre esplanade is full of activity. Situated across from the wharf it has an attraction all its own with a patterned brick esplanade and walkways designed both for relaxation, beauty and convenience. The superb Arches focusing on the very active business community that is next to the wharf and the main street.
The Archs were the old 18th Century gates and adjoining Town Hall.  They stand impressively on intricately patterned brick and cobble stone and look upon the business area of the city.
 Where Has The Time Gone?  
 Time goes by fast when one is having fun and we must have been having way too much fun since before we knew it it was dinner time. After much conjecture it was decided to have dinner at the hotel. We went to the room and prepared.
Swordfish steak and Chicken Parmigiana were our choices plus some very fine beer (what no wine?!) Especial. The fish was done to perfection and the chicken was well enjoyed. We then retired to our room in preparation for a long day home.ward bound!
End of Day Twelve