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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Viva Espana!!! Part One

When it comes to wine, there are several countries that seem to be synonymous with this beverage! Spain has produced wine for centuries and continues to be a huge supplier of high quality wine which is usually at a very reasonable price. Here are a few wines tasted last week that exemplifies this greatness.


Cutio Macabeo:     Grape Variety: Macabeo           $11.95         90/100 points.
Colour: White  Ckear and brilliant.
Nose: Apple and stone fruit such as apricot and peach 
Palate: Round, medium body with fruit sweetness and slight bitterness on finish  Rose

Rose Wine:
Reserva de la Tierra Curious Rosé Wine (2019) (S1200) - Tri-Vin ...
Curious Rose Reserva   Grape Variety: Garnacha/Tempranillo      $12.95         90/100 points 
Colour: Redish pink, brilliant and clear
Nose: Strawberry, cherry, melon
Palate: Medium, silky, well balanced with nice refined refreshing acid taste. Long finish.
Comments: Tierra de Castilla region. Nice rose for a selection of light meats/vegan dishes. 

Red Wine:

Tempranillo - Syrah
Loco Barbar:      Grape Variety: Tempanillo/Syrah      $12.95          92/100 points
ColourL Darj red, clear
Nose:  Ripe red fruit with some dark nuances.
Palate: Full bodied, nice tannin with red fruit (cherry, strawberry), vanilla and pepper, Long finish.
Comment: Nice wine for the price and captivating if not over the top label. Pasta, grilled food!
Bodegas Langa Pieza el Coll N.V. | Wine Info
Pieza El Coll :  Grape Variety: Granacha/Carinena/Monastrell  $17.95   92/100  points
Colour: Dark red
Nose: Dark fruit (Cherry, plum), smoke, chocolate, vanilla wood, tar nuances.
Palate: Full, ripe tannin, dark fruit on the swallow, long and pleasant after taste.
Comment: A nice wine and very good price/quality ration. 60 year old vines. Roasts/Cheese
La Legua El Transformador Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
La Legua              Grape Variety: Tempranillo/Cabernet          $18.95        92/100 points                   
Colour: Garnet, clear
Nose:    Red and black fruit,, floral violet 
Palate:  Full bodied, black fruit, huge tannin and long finish
Comments: A rich and intense wine suitable for game and beef dishes.

Alceño Monastrell 12
 Alceno 12 Meses Monastrell:  Grape: Monastrell/Syrah  Vintages #398925  $15,95  93/100 points
Colour: Dark
Nose: Blackberry, plum, black cherry, cassis, coffee, toast, spices,:
Palate: Medium to full bodied, vanilla, big tannin
Comments: Nice wine and made for lamb though game is also in the running..

Alceno Hilanda Jumilla Crianza | Product page | SAQ.COM

Hilanda Monastrell Variety: 100 % Monastrell             $13.95                  93/100 points   
Colour: Typical of Monastrell (Mourvedre) Very Dark red
Nose: Black Cherry, Plum and Black Raspberry, vanilla wood hint of chocolate
Palate: Full, nice velvety mouth feel with good tannin and structure. Lengthy finish.
Comment: Lamb, Game, Roast.

Veleta de Poniente      Variety: Garnacha   $14.95                               91/100 Points

Veleta de Poniente - Bodegas Bastida

Colour: Red, clear
Nose: Black fruit (blue berry, black cherry, plum), vanilla spice.
Palate: Full bodied, strong tannin, jammy black fruit and very powerful finish
Comments: From Spanish La Mancha.