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Sunday, June 7, 2020

South Africa, Burgundy and Prosecco ---------a nice mix of wines!

South Africa
South Africa has the perfect climate for viticulture. Warm with dry cool breezes that hamper vine diseases and a reputation for making excellent wine. In addition there is a tendency to come up with some very interesting names.
Bombinate:  Ruby Red, clear with no particles, brilliant. Shiraz/Grenache blend 
Nose:  Cherry, touch of ripe strawberry, dark fruit such as plum and black raspberry
Palate: Medium to Full, berry flavours with pepper on the finish.
Rating: A nice wine with a nice future. 95/100   $34.00    


Pandiculation: Ruby Red, clear and brilliant Another Shiraz/Grenache blend.
Nose: Intense ripe cherry, pepper, raspberry, some flora notes.   
Palate: Full, round and integrated.  Nicely balanced. Pepper on finish.
Rating: Truly liked this one that comes with a good price $21.95 and a good example of a Rhone style wine.             94/100

Aquiver:  Lemon Yellow White, clear and brilliant
Nose: Clean, fresh citrus, passion fruit, peach and herbal/floral notes
Palate: Medium body, well balanced wine giving a nice round mouthfeel.
Rating: While the major part of this is comprised of Chenin Blanc, the Sauvignon Blanc (10%) is what impressed me and it certainly shows itself.   
At $19.95 a good buy!          93/100

Susurrous: Yellow White with green tinge, brilliant
Nose: Clean and fresh with peach and white fruit. Once again, herbal qualities of Sauvignon Blanc comes through. The Grenache adds its own lemony presence but even with its 10% the Sauvignon does demand its presence. Interesting wine.
Palate: light to Medium with refreshing acidity.   $32.00             92/100    


Monthelie: Ruby Red, clear and brilliant     2016          *(Tasted Previously)
Nose: Pinot Noir all the way with floral notes, tobacco, red fruit
Palate: Medium, with accessible tannin and a bit of refreshing acid on finish
Rating: When I first tasted this wine. I found it a great example of a reasonably priced Burgundy and rated it 91/100. This wine has seemed to improve since. $34.95          95/100

ERA Prosecco White Sparkling, Small Bubbles Vintages  #13835 
Nose: Floral nose with citrus, green apple and pear
Palate: Light and easy with refreshing acidity---somewhat reflective of the Botter Prosecco tasted at an earlier period. Pleasing finish.
Rating: I loved this wine since the price ($17.95) makes a well-crafted wine that does not burn the pocket book.  Great value for summer sipping!   95/100