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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Direct From Hadsten House:Day Eleven: October 15th: Last Day In California: Thank You Solvang--------You All Are Winners!!!

"Adventures In Winecountry" with Co-Hosts Chuck Byers and Greg Rist is a new series airing in April 2010 on CHEX Channel 12 Durham and the Greater Toronto Area.
The Sun Is Back But We Must Go!
I awoke to a blue sky and rising Sun. With mixed feelings I met Greg at the Hadsten dining lounge for our last breakfast before heading out to Santa Barbara Airport. By 8 AM we were on our way down the 101 South towards Santa Barbara. The Sun was shining its best and the scenery was enchanting. I could tell that had this been any other day, Greg would have yelled "Stop!" and got out to take some shots. This time he only insinuated that he would have stopped.
It was a good shoot! We were tired and anxious to see our loved ones and it was time to go home!
We arrived at the airport a bit too early to check in our luggage though I did take the vehicle back to the rental office. The airport had so much camouflage in the form of fences etc. that I missed it. Greg was the one who recognized the vehicle rental.
We got ourselves comfortable while waiting for the luggage check to begin and when that happened we waited for the flight.
The flight to Phoenix was comfortable and uneventful as was the flight from Phoenix to Toronto. One thing, I wish US Airways provided at least some crackers on these flights. The sandwiches that they sell in flight are okay but nothing special for about $7.00 but a coffee and crackers would go well on a five hour flight.
We arrived in Toronto around 10 PM and I was home by Midnight.
It was a sort of anti-climactic way to end a four month journey that saw Greg and I visit 5 countries! 20 wine regions! Do over 60,000 miles! Visit over 100 wineries and taste over 400 wines! We met many marvelous people and exciting places. We were indeed lucky. Somehow I thought there would be a bit of hoopla when we came home. Rather, Greg and I shook hands and I came home to a rather quiet abode. Darlene was waiting for me and the first thing she said to me was: "Wanna glass of wine!" I looked at her and said: "Why not!"