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Friday, July 3, 2020

Viva Espana: Part 3

Part Three of the Spanish Wine entry provides even more choices of superb Spanish wine available.

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Bodegas Vega Moragona "La Duna"         Tempranillo         $14.95                        90/100 points
Colour: Red, clear
Nose: Red fruit, licorice, vanilla, coffee
Palate: Full bodied, nice feel in mouth. Persistent finish.
Comment: 40 year old single vineyard in Riberea del Jucar region. Castilla La Mancha Co-op.

Liberalia                                    Tempranillo                             $31.95                      93/100 points
Colour: Dark Red, clear
Nose: Dark fruit, pepper spice, violets, licorice
Palate: Concentrated, tannin, full bodied with dark fruit and anise. Long finish.
Comments: A truly exceptional wine that can develop over the next five year
Biftu Bobal                      Bobal                                                   $11.95            91/100 points
Colour: Very Dark Red, no debris
Nose: Floral, herbal, plum, black cherry, blackberry
Palate: Full bodied, tannic, nicely balanced with long finish
Comments: From the Province of Valencia, Spain and the region of Utiel Requena. Vines are 50 plus years old and resistant to Phylloxera. Aged in European barrels for five months (French/Hungarian Oak). Nice price. Try with Lamb, spare ribs, steak!

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Benedictum 111             Tempranillo                                                 $22.95        94/100 points
Colour: Red, clear, no debris
Nose: Earth, vanilla, dark fruit, wood oak, sweet spices
Palate: Full bodied, nice tannin, fruit and spice on finish. Lengthy finish.
Comments: Rich and intense with nice balance and well rounded wine. Nice wine and excellent meat wine. From Ribera Del Duero region. 50 year old vines.

Lagravera  Natural  2017            Grenache                                                                    94/100 points
Colour: Red with dark edges
Nose: Floral nose with red fruit and evolving bouquet
Palate: Fresh with medium body and lengthy finish with raspberry and anise.
Comments: Completely natural wine with spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts. No additives used in preservation. From a superb winery using biodynamic technics. Aged 8 months on Lees.  Certified. 
Food:  Pork Roast, Roast Chicken or Evening Salad Mix.