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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Excellent Wine Need Not -Be Pricey: Here Are Six Examples!

 Points In Relation To Quality/Price 
The 100 point system is an easy one to understand. A wine that scores in the 90's would be deemed better than one that scores in the 80's.  However one item that comes into the equation is "Price".  Would a $200 bottle of wine out class a $12 wine in a tasting of "expert analysts"?  Chances are yes! However, a  neophyte tasting a young Mouton or Petrus might not appreciate it as much as a $12 bottle of  Cabernet-Shiraz from Australia. Points can determine the discernable complexity of a wine but not always the "appreciativeness" of it. When I find a wine that I think that the general public would enjoy and afford, the points go up.
So a $1000 (714 Euro) Mouton Rothschild could score a 98/100 for its 2020 vintage due to its greatness and potential but a simple $12.00 Cabernet-Shiraz in my opinion could score a 94/100 for its immediate appreciative value based on price. Would Mouton be a greater wine---most likely! But---I would gladly buy the Cabernet-Shiraz for its price and immediate value. No brainer!
The following wines are extremely fine both in price and quality.


The Cape Chenin Blanc 2022  Western Cape    South Africa   $16.95        93/100 points 
Colour: Clear, light yellow    
Nose: floral blossom, pear, pineapple, citrus, straw
Palate: light to medium body, integrated, well balanced acidity, super mouth feel, fresh finish
Pairing: light meat, veggie burgers, aperitif, fish
Comments: nice price/quality ratio, party wine, pleasing

Le Colonne Vermentino 2021       Tuscany          Italy          $16.95    94/100 points
Colour: clear, light straw 
Nose: citrus predominates, mango, apple blossom, banana, herbal grass
Palate: medium body, pleasant acidity, nutty finish
Pairing: finger food such as chicken fingers, cold cuts, vegan food, fried calamari, shell fish
Comments: A very versatile white that can be used for many occasions/events. 

LatteMiele Pecorino   2021       Abruzzo      Italy              $13.95       95/100 points
Colour: clear, light yellow
Nose: :fruit, floral, orange peel, citrus, pebble
Palate:  citrus lemon, medium body, great mouth feel, pleasant acid finish
Pairing:  pasta with cream sauce, pasta with mushroom sauce, sea food marinara
Comments: A wine with character and individuality at a great price. 


Naturalis Shiraz: 2021         South Australia                  $16.95        94/100 points
Colour: dark purple
Nose: dark fruit, (black cherry, blackberry, plum) cinnamon, currant, spice
Palate: medium-full body, velvet smooth mouth feel, pepper spice, anise, long finish
Pairing: roast beef, venison, oxtail, black forest ham
Comments: An organic wine which value far outweighs the price. Keeps evolving in the glass! Good for at least 5 to 7 years aging. Produced by the Angove Family, this totally certified organic wine is also certified vegan. The "Bee" on the label indicates the winery's commitment to the production of wine in association with nature.

The Cape Cab 2020         Western Cape South Africa  $16.95     94/100 points
Colour: dark red
Nose: plum, black cherry, raspberry, currant, cassis, mint, some vanilla wood, chocolate, earth
Palate: medium body, fruity, nice tannin structure, anise on a long finish
Pairing: a food wine for Roast Beef, Grilled Steak, Osso Buco
Comments: ready now but possible age for 5 years plus.

OGGI Sangiovese 2021         Puglia     Italy                 $11.50        96/100 points
Colour: medium red, clear      
Nose: red cherry, strawberry, herbal extract
Palate: medium body, pleasant tannin, fresh acidity, clean cherry finish
Pairing: nice on own but a great grilled food wine with foods such as steak, salmon, veal, chicken, pasta with tomato or even carbonara sauce, burgers, cold cuts.
Comments: enough cannot be said for quality/price ratio of this wine. This wine is a true buy and definitely "A consumer's  daily wine!"