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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Enjoying Wines of Summer

 Summer Is Upon Us
Yupper the heat is on and the wines are coming out faster than any "Fast and Furious" movie. 
The following wines have been tasted by me to my delight!

Strewn Lively Riesling   Niagara Peninsula                        88/100 points
Colour:  Golden Straw                                 
Nose: Dominant citrus, apricot/peach, honey, floral blossom notes
Palate: Light to medium body, silky mouth feel, steel, citrus, mid sweet, fine acid finish
Pairing: Great wine on its own but would go amazingly with salads (wine dressing or better still salt/olive oil), smoked salmon, salmon filet, pork and/or prosciutto.
Comments:  Available through    Case-Wine (  or at Winery ($19.95)
Nice all purpose Riesling with class and structure. 

Konzelmann Estate Gewurztraminer Late Harvest Reserve  Niagara Peninsula    90/100 points 
Colour: Golden yellow
Nose: Floral rose, Citrus, lychee nut, banana, ginger spice, mango/melon ripe apricot     
Palate: Medium body, oily smooth mouthful, semi-sweet, tropical flavours, smooth silky finish..
Comments: Can be considered as a dessert wine, spicy Asian, Chinese food, seafood, smoked salmon, as an aperitif. Nice wine with many uses. Available through Case-Wine ( or winery ($19.95). 

Hinterbrook Estate Winery Autumn Snow Riesling  2021  NOTL         86/100 points
Colour: White, 
Nose: Effervescence,  granny smith apple lemon citrus, peach, floral hints
Palate: Light body, touch of sweetness, steel/stone pebbles, citrus, crisp acidity, fresh clean finish
Pairings: Chinese/Asian food, seafood, cold cuts 
Comments: The example I tasted had a fair amount of effervescence which was somewhat surprising. On checking with the wine maker she stated that it was due to residual primary fermentation which remained in the bottle due to the minimal and  gentle racking, chilling before bottling and use of agglomerated corks. She also suggested that if the "fizz" would dissipate if wine decanted  Available via winery or through Case-Wine ( ($17.85).