Location: Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Born in Malta but in Canada since age 5. Has written three books and presently does several columns about wine and food for various magazines.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Wine Writers' Circle's Sheila Puritt named "Wine Person of the Year" by the Prestigious "Cambridge Food and Wine Society"!

Sheila Swerling-Puritt was presented the "Wine Person of the Year" award by none other than Sandro Bottega of the famed wine company. Her tireless work on behalf of the wine industry  has benefitted so many involved with the wine industry and other unrelated fields. Here is the testament given in her honour just a few days ago!

                                Cambridge Wine and Food Society: Wine Person of the Year

Sheila Swerling-Puritt has maintained an ongoing love affair with wine dating back to university. Her

national and international relationships with the wine, spirits and food industry have included

extensive touring, panel/judging and lectures. She was President of the Wine Writers Circle of Canada


Sheila often said that she has had an amazing journey through life. First serving on a Board that raised funds for the African Students Foundation then spending time in Tanzania doing everything from teaching art, delivering babies, and completing a degree in African Theatre Arts and Literature. Returning to Canada she spent time with First Nations women and in the late 1980s was a volunteer for the home hospice palliative care program for HIV/Aids. Sheila sits on a number of committees and Boards which assist underprivileged children as well as those who are developmentally delayed.

As well she was hired by CBC as a writer/performer then went on to TVOntario as a performer,

Producer and then appointed as a Corporate Manager.

She has written articles for international magazines and websites and lectured at 3 Ontario Colleges

on Public Relations and Advertising, as well as their Sommelier programs .

Ms. Swerling-Puritt was for many years the first Toronto President for the Society of American Wines. Sheila has the distinction of being the first female elected as a National President of a wine society in Canada. In addition, she has been a spokesperson and coordinated public and trade tastings for numerous wineries and governments

For her contributions and dedication, Sheila was made a Fellow of the Ontario Hostelry Institute.

She was given awards by two consecutive Governors of the Commonwealth of Kentucky for her work with the Bourbon industry and also received a Seagram Spirit and Wine Group Award for her work in Mexico and Canada.

On a more personal note, Sheila is mother to 2 successful sons, grandmother to six (2 girls, 4 boys) and

surrogate mother and aunt to dozens who continue to look to her for guidance on a myriad of topics,

Including wine and food in particular! 

Congratulations Sheila for a job so well done!