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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The Smiles Are On This Wine

If ever a wine was made with a younger and/or more technical demographic in mind it is the next group of wines that I will be introducing you to. SMILEY Wines from the regions of Gascony and Bordeaux, France is the product of the Chateau de l'Orangerie located in Saint Felix de Foncaude within Entre-Deux-Mers. Chateau owners, the Icard family, and the family of SMILEY brand (smiling face) trade mark owner Franklin Loufrani got together to add the very familiar smiling face to bottles of wine.
Loufrani registered the trade mark in 1972 and the Smiley Company has gone on to be a multi-million dollar company with trademarks all over the globe in many countries. The collaboration of both companies has culminated in the phrase on the Smiley Wines/Chateau-Orangerie website.
"Smiley Wines: A Glassful of Happiness"!

Smiley Chardonnay    100 % Chardonnay               $16.95                      94/100 points
SMILEY Wines - Chardonnay
Colour: Clear, brilliant, straw coloured
Nose: Citrus-apple, vanilla, nuts, tropical fruit
Palate: Medium body, smooth and luscious, citrus, well balanced with nice acidity
Comments: A truly nice Chardonnay wine that certainly pleases via quality/price ratio . Grilled veggies or nice on its own. 

Smiley Sauvignon Blanc      100% Sauvignon Blanc        $16.95                92/100 points

SMILEY Wines - Sauvignon Blanc

Colour: Very pale yellow ---almost no colour. No debris, very clear
Nose: Herbal, gooseberry, white fruit, floral
Palate: Light body, round with nice mouthfeel, well balanced
Comments: Nice wine with good price/quality ratio Seafood! 

Smiley Cabernet Sauvignon   100% Cabernet Sauvignon       $16.95        93/100 Points
SMILEY Wines - Cabernet-Sauvignon
Colour: Dark red, clear and no debris
Nose: Dark fruit, cassis, mint, red fruit as it evolves, spice
Palate: Full bodied, California sweetness (11.5 grams sugar), elegant and warm. Great finish! 
Comments: Definitely a good barbeque choice with burgers, steak or other grilled fare!

Smiley Merlot          100% Merlot                     $16.95                           93/100 points

SMILEY Wines - Merlot

Colour: Dark red, clear with no debris
Nose: Red and dark fruit, vanilla spice, smoke
Palate: Med/dry, full body, elegant with nice velvet mouthfeel, supple with sweet finish
Comments: Taste covers wide range of foods. I would have it with Romano or Parmigiano cheese, or with Portuguese Tapas or even a Mediterranean mixed platter of fish, ham, pastrami etc.