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Thursday, October 31, 2019

This is a true Case For Wine

International Wine and Spirits Festival
The R.S. McLaughlin Art Gallery is a true iconic site for the show that will put the City of Oshawa on the wine map. Famous for its art display as well as the man who is so well known and loved in this city---Sam McLaughlin or Colonel Sam as many called him, the art gallery is a fitting place to show what is truly a work of art----Wine!
The artistic motivation that winemakers use can be so diverse as to make it somewhat of an anomaly in the beverage field.
Agencies, the life blood of the vineyard managers and wine makers distribute this product to waiting clientele. Like anything else in life there are various levels of agency performance and at the International one can find the best of the best! This year we have the new along with the old!
The Case For Wine
One supportive group has always been an agency called "The Case for Wine!"
This year it  introduces several wines
Era Sauvignon Blanc
This Italian (LCBO #632307, $10.90) is an organic wine with citrus apple pear flavours and ideal as an aperitif or with seafood and salads.
Era Montepulciano
Another organic wine this time red is a very approachable Italian that is again quite reasonable in price. This wine (LCBO #255844, $10.75) comes with red berry, herbal and oak flavours and is an ideal pizza wine.
Era Merlot
Merlot exhibits a bramble berry mix along with some dark fruit such as plum and black cherry flavours. The price here is again ideal for those wishing to enjoy a nice bottle with some barby fare without breaking the bank. (LCBO #255869 $10.75)
Botter Primitivo Doppio Passo
Primitivo is the same genitical type as California's Zinfandel! Here we have a super wine at a super price! The Passo offers the best of both worlds with part of the harvest vinified and macerated for about 7 to 8 days while the second part of the vineyard is left on the vines for an extra ten days to obtain a late harvest effect. \the wine (LCBO #255190 $10;45) is exceptional for the price and has black fruit flavours, vanilla and herbal characters. Definitely a pork and game wine but will suffice with cold cuts and burgers also!
Oggi Primitivo
(LCBO #86421, $9.45) Dark fruit flavours, some pepper and forest floor aromas. Nice sipping wine but excellent with quick fried steak and fries.
Oggi Pinot Grigio
Pinot Grigio at a great price  (LCBO #86199, $9.45) is always a good buy. This wine comes with citrus, apple and pear notes with a pleasant blossom nose. The finish is crisp and refreshing.
Castello Di Neive Barbaresco
A fine and reasonable wine (LCBO #160143, $28.00) with red cherry flavours, leather, smoke and burning leaves and a firm backbone but delightful with food such as game, roast beef and steak!
Scheid District 7 Cabernet Sauvignon This is a wine from a superb Monterey County vineyard in California. I have not yet tasted it but the wines are said to be fantastic! It will be available via Case For Wine in early November.
These wines will be available to try at the International on November second but can be obtained from either the LCBO or The Case For Wine at 1305 Pickering Parkway, suite 105 Pickering or call 416-482-0241 website is