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Born in Malta but in Canada since age 5. Has written three books and presently does several columns about wine and food for various magazines.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day Seven: The Way Home!

I awoke around 2:30 am  though I had a call arranged for 3 am. I have a natural  time clock that seems to wake me up when I need. I was showered and dressed by three am and then down to the lobby to wait for my taxi by 3:30 am. The hotel had breakfast waiting for me and the taxi arrived pronto on time.
The way to the airport was fee of traffic and we made great time. I was at the airport, checked in and waiting for my 6:30 am Austrian Airlines flight to Vienna by 4:45 am.
I arrived in Vienna around 8:45 am and quickly found my way to the gate for my 10:15 flight to Canada.
The flight took off on time and I just reminisced about the trip and that wonderful country island called Cyprus.