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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Bombay Grill: Super Service, Great East Indian Food and One Super Beer

Lunch, Dinner And The Bombay Grill
A wealth of aromas and flavours await the person who enters the abode of the famous Bombay Grill. Located in Pickering (with other locations in Markham, Burlington, Milton and Hamilton) the Bombay as I call it, enables one to enjoy authentic East Indian Food in two exciting ways. The Buffet which is a daily lunch feature offers a large selection of choices thus enabling the uninitiated to gain familiarity with the exotic and spicy dishes of India. The "a la carte" dinner menu offers many of the same plus a great deal of other dishes which are freshly made and absolutely delicious. Either way the persons dining will not be disappointed.
The Bombay offers many interesting items from the cold salad bar appetizers to the Samosa dishes which are patties stuffed with either vegetable or minced chicken to the Aldo Tikki which is fried potato patties with curried chickpeas and tamarind sauce to the Chicken or Fish Pakora---fried chicken or fish fritters.
Tandori Dishes         
 The Tandor is a large, cylindrical clay oven used in cooking and baking. The food is cooked over charcoal or wood fires within the oven itself thus exposing the food to live fire, radiant heat and smoke as well as drips from the fat dripping onto the flames. Usually Tandori dishes have yogurt, spices such as masala, ginger, onion, Cayenne, pepper and other spices which are ground up and used with the chicken or fish etc.
The Bombay does these to perfection along with other Tandori Thali or Lamb Tikka which means cutlet. Another dish called Paneer Shaslik consists of cubes of home made cheese cooked in Tandori and served with Nan which is a form of bread.
My favourite dish is the Fish Masala which is Boston Blue Fish cooked in the Tandori spices and is amazing. Wife Darlene goes nuts on the Buttered Chicken.
Nan seems to be the most prevalent bread in the above dishes but other forms are also available. Tandori Roti, Garlic Nan, Paratha Lachha (mint bread) are but a few of the many types of bread used to accompany the meals.
Vegetarian Dishes
The Veggie dishes are a delight and consist of Mutter Paneer (Cubes of cottage cheese with curried peas), Karai Paneer (same cubes of cheese but with green peppers and spicy sauce), Paneer Makhani (Cheese cubes with cream and tomato sauce), Channa Masala (Chick peas and rice), Aloo Gobi (Cauliflower cooked with potatoes, tomatoes, onions and spices), Dal Makhani (Lentils cooked with herbs, butter cream and spices) and Dal Tarka (Lentils with butter, ginger, coriander, herbs and spices). Bindhi Masala consists of Okra cooked with various veggies and spices. There are dozens of delicious dishes for those with an appetite of vegetables.
Meat Dishes 
The meat dishes are equally delicious and consist of various fish, chicken, lamb and beef dishes either in combination or singularly in spice and cream sauces accompanied with rice and vegetables.
All have unique names such as the above.
The "Queen" of Indian Desserts is known as Rasmalai and is made from milk balls in a syrup. The Gulab-Jamin is made from brown milk balls in a rose water syrup. Other entrees are great ice cream or rice pudding.
The food above can be accompanied with either exotic mango drinks or combined mango, pineapple, coconut and orange juices.
Cheetah Beer
The drink that goes exceptionally well is a drink that unfortunately cannot be bought via the local liquor board. The Golden or Dark Beer is excellent and especially made for spicy and hot dishes such as the ones served at the Bombay. Shame that one cannot buy this beer at the local stores because it is excellent in all aspects.
Both beers are smooth, crisp and easy to enjoy!
The Bombay also has a good selection of wine and other alcoholic beverages to make the dining experience a fun thing.
The Bombay Grill is a great place to relax with family and friends. Try it.
What makes the excellent dining even better is the great service that the. hosts provide.
Bombay Grill 
619 Kingston Road, West
Ajax-Pickering,  ON