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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bottega Distilleria "Picks Up" The Gauntlet To Fight Breast Cancer

The Enemy
Breast cancer is a coward that attacks women (and men) at the heart and soul of their identity and function. Not only does it take away its victim's pride and dignity but it does so in a very cruel and painful way. Cancer generally kills. Breast Cancer destroys not only the body but also ravages the soul and spirit. It wipes away a lifetime of experience  and replaces it with the desolation of grief and despair.
A New Knight  
The Gauntlet has been picked up against this "Dark Killer" in the unusual form of a wonderfully gregarious person, Sandro Bottega! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in North America and Sandro has taken up the challenge by launching a fund raising campaign in support of this quest to rid the World of a killer. Distilleria Bottega has officially luanched Il Vino dei Poeti Rose into the Ontario market. This launch has taken place in tandem with The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation as a part of its Billion Dollar Challenge for Personalized Cancer Medicine. Funds raised will be targeted to assist women affected by breast cancer. For many years, Distilleria Bottega has made donations to the Breast Health International in England for each bottle of Vino dei Poeti Rose sold. Now, a portion of the sales of this wine sold in Ontario this month in LCBO's will be contributed to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.  
The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is one of the top five cancer research centres in the World and is affiliated with the University of Toronto.
Why Breast Cancer? 
The number of Bottega's employees are 70% female and women's causes are very important to the company.The company has been active in its quest for the aiding research the cause, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. It started a  charity campaign for the duty free market with the funds going to Breast Health International and has had excellent results.
No one want to see a person go through the devastating and very intrusive treatment for this disease. No one wants to hear those words: "You have a malignant tumor in your breast!" No one wants to lose a loved one go through such a debilitating way.
The Plan  
 Vino dei Poeti Rose is a new innovation made from Pinot Nero and Raboso grapes. It is available via the General List LCBO #277202 $12:45. Check my "Wine Picks" for further details.  
 Sandro Bottega is a unique gentleman whose winery and distilleria  reflect the concern he has for women world wide. Help him support this cause and go out and buy a bottle or two of this fine new wine. Stock up and give it as gifts for Christmas.