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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Journey Begins Yet Again!

Travel Neurosis
Why is it that humans are such neurotic creatures. There is the "new car syndrome" where a person (usually a man) goes crazy trying to avoid the inevitable-----which is it getting dirty, scratched and  maybe even dented. Then there is the "I must have my house clean and perfect before I leave for the airport" thing! I spent literally the whole day and part of yesterday getting things in order just so the house was left by itself in the comfort of its own order. Such nonsense----I do know for sure that once we get back, it will take exactly one day to bring the house back to its normal mess!
Well I survive the first part of this latest foray into air travel. I now am missing my two "Two In A Vineyard" cohorts very much. What's missing here is the humour that we share and of course there is no lovely Sandie to pick on!
The trip was actually painless----taking just a bit over one hour to drive. Our driver was none other than Jack Remmer who owns the property where my daughter Taryn rides. Jack is a great guy who is very soft spoken but you should see the work that this person does on the "farm". Reason he drove us was because his grand daughter was accompanying Taryn with us to Portugal.
Time of the flight is 9:30 pm and arrival time in Portugal is 9:30 am. Time flight is 7 hours. Should be interesting with three women all nittering and chatting while I try to sleep! Up at 4:30 this am.
Stay tuned for the rest of this blog! When I drive in Portugal!!!