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Friday, September 30, 2011

September 22nd Day Eight: Breakfast and Voyage Home

Breakfast With Sebastian
It was a sad departure from the place that I called "Home" for over seven days. Platter House would forever be in my memories as one of the nicest experiences in my travels for three reasons. The first was that I actually stayed in one place more than one night. It was such a relief to have a place that I was familiar with and not to have to pack and unpack my clothes on a constant basis. The second was that I could leave my work on a table and go back to it without having to organize my "desk" every day. Most of all, the third and most important was that I simply fell in love with the building, the area, the sea, the birds, the tranquility, the smell, the silence------everything that was the Platter House. My whole hearted recommendation to anyone who is going to PEI for a visit is to check out this place. You will never be sorry!!!!!
Roy and I left the house around 8 AM to meet Paul Knox just outside of Charlottetown. Paul was going to drive and we follow to a restaurant where we were to meet Sebastian Manago for a final breakfast. We arrived in plenty of time to take a few pictures including one of me talking to a seated statue of John A. MacDonald. Funny!!!!!
We met with Sebastian and discussed the trip. The trip was amazing and Prince Edward Island certainly is one of Canada's beauty spots. The great things we saw and did would forever be remembered by both Roy and me. Sadly we only got six hours of footage compared to the 14 hours in Austria and Quebec but the footage was good and usable. Sebastian Manago deserves a great deal of credit for helping us achieve this goal and I will forever be indebted to him and the Government of Prince Edward Island.
Shortly before 9:30 AM Tara Jackson met us and we drove to the airport. Saying good-bye is never a pleasant thing because one never knows if future meetings will happen but in this case I knew that I would be in contact with Tara, Paul, Jan and Sebastian as well as Ken, Julie, Lynn, John, Mike, Sterling, Perry, Lucas, Melvin and all the others I met and made such friendship with.
We departed for Toronto at 12 Noon on September 22nd and somehow I left Prince Edward Island not feeling that I was from "Away" but from "Here"!
End Of Day Eight and Tour